Recruitment made easy:

  • Post your jobs
  • Receive applications and browse CVs
  • Screen your applicants

Becoming the leading UK care job portal is our ambition

We have tailored our website to ensure that care recruitment is made is. By clearly setting out:

  • location
  • salary
  • whether the position is full or part time

    candidates can quickly browse and locate their dream job.

    Screen candidates

    Our website has the option to require any interested candidates to answer some screening questions prepared by employers before they can submit their application to you. Typically, if you specialise in domiciliary care and require candidates to hold a clean driving licence, this can be a pre-requisite to the candidate actually submitting an application for the role

    Search and browse CVs

    Looking for somebody specific in your area or with a particular skill set? Well our sophisticated platform allows you to search and browse different CVs uploaded on UK Care Jobs. Find someone you like? Contact them and invite them for an interview.
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